Editorial "Mare Ponticum" is an annual electronic journal, comprising articles related to the Black Sea Countries in the following subjects:     a. language: Scientific study and teaching     b. Literature: Theory and teaching methodology     c. Aspects of translation and interpretation     d. Issues of history and culture     e. International issues.     The section entitled "Young Scientists" will be devoted to the publication of postgraduate dissertations and articles of PhD candidates mainly, but not exclusively, from the Department of Black Sea Studies.     The articles will be published after evaluation by a scientific committee consisting of prominent academics from Greek and foreign universities.     The journal will be published electronically. Access, downloading and printing of its content is free, providing that the title of the journal, volume, name of the author and title of the article are mentioned. Languages of the articles Due to the inherently international character of the journal, the acceptable languages for submitted articles are the following:     •  English     •  French     •  German     •  Greek     •  Any Black Sea language, providing that the article is accompanied by its full translation into one of the abovementioned European languages (in which case it will be published in both languages) Search engine In order to facilitate search throughout the materials there will be     1. Subject list     2. Author list     3. Volume list