Submission of Texts Articles for consideration will be submitted to the mail addresses of the contact persons (see relevant section)   Author guidelines Technical specifications Font: Times New Roman or Arial Font size: main text 12 pt, footnotes 10 pt. Format: MS Word 2003 (.doc extension) Paragraphs: 1 tab (keyboard default) Footnotes: Continuous numbering at the end of each page Citations: Books Books should be cited as in the following examples, with the titles in italics:     • Cassese A.: International Law, 2nd ed., (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2005)     • Hill C. and Smith M.: International Relations and the European Union (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2005) Specific references should be as above followed by eg. 'p. 14'. Contributions to edited books should be cited as follows:     • Jones, 'Social Regulation', in M. Jones, J. Smith and A. Rowe (eds.), European Law in Context: Selected Readings  (Blackwell, 1995) Articles Article titles should be in quotation marks and not italicised. The titles of books and journals should be italicised. Common abbreviations of journals should be used whenever possible. If the full name of a journal is used, it should be in italics. For example:     •  Jones, 'Subsidiarity and Social Regulation in Europe', (1995) 1 Journal of Social Regulation Studies 63 or        1 Journal of Social Regulation Studies 63 (1995) followed by the specific page the author wishes to cite. Alternatively, in many scientific fields, an authoritative method of citations is to put the name of the author, year and specific page in parenthesis within the text and provide the full citation in the Bibliography eg. (Jones, 1995, p. 67). If this method is used it is imperative that a specific page or pages is also mentioned in the citation and not just the author and year of publication. Footnote numbers in text should follow punctuation marks - comma, full point etc. The first letter of footnote will be capital except: where it is part of Latin abbreviations: ibid., where it is a cross reference to another footnote, e.g. 'n. 5 above or supra n. 5'.